{SOLD OUT} Boneglow /// Delusions split cassette

Image of {SOLD OUT} Boneglow /// Delusions split cassette


Fresh out of Ann Arbor, the dance pop capitol of the midwest or perhaps the world(??), comes a split cassette from Boneglow and Delusions. You may have seen their collaborative work as Dreampeter but on this tape you can really see their individualistic leanings towards those buttery smooth beats and damn good pop songs on sides a and b (respectively).

This c-26 has all the playful experimentation, booty shakers, and serious hooks that seem to be drifting out of Michigan these days. We're honored to help introduce these talented-as-heck producers to everyone.

Ships mid-april

digitally attainable http://dreampeter.bandcamp.com/album/boneglow-delusions-split

artwork by Brad Rohloff

Sold Out